News - 29.05.2018

QC Options

  • Step channel option for multi channel tolerance tests
  • new variables to read out the actual path in external batch menu
  • new standard tolerances for ISO 3745 and 26101 evaluation

Polar Response

  • Automation option for multi channel balloons and directivity measurements
  • Automation option for multi balloons and directivity measurements

File Load and Directivity Import

  • progressbars with cancel option for mass import of files


  • Width-to-height ratio of plots can be adjusted

Edit Directivity

  • Export of raw or processed off axes responses in one file
  • Export of directivity after processing
  • Processing settings are displayed in footline of directivity plot
  • copying horizontal control settings to vertical control
  • option to use horizontal smooth settings for vertical smoothing
  • option to use horizontal window settings for vertical windowing
  • Extended plot filenames with freq.-range and angle-range information
  • Plot results optimized for better utilization of plotting area