Frequency response

The Frequency response measurement is a commonly used and fundamental feature of WinMF. It analyses the relation of output to input signal of a linear time-invariant (LTI) system. This can be a crossover network for example, an equalizer, loudspeaker, microphone or a room with a PA system installed.

The frequency response is determined in magnitude and phase and mathematically corresponds to the Fourier transformed impulse response of the system. The picture shows exemplary filter curves of an active loudspeaker.

Before the actual measurement a reference measurement needs to be performed by Ref. - Reference measurement.

In the Measurement setup the basic measurement configuration is done; using the Exciter setup the excitation signal is selected and the measuring level adjusted.

Amplifier setup contains parameters for potential power amplifiers.

Processing allows editing the measuring results.

OK starts the measurement; Cancel aborts the procedure.