Mic calibration

(only in time domain) allows calibrating the microphone sensitivity using a calibrator or pistonphone.

Under File setups for this operation can be loaded and saved.

Mode defines, whether the measurement is performed once or repeatedly. Escape quits the repeated measurement.

FFT length sets the length of the measurement as a power of two (2^n). Samples shows the resulting number of sample points, Meas. time the length of the measurement depending on the sample rate.

Under Piston the sound pressure level of the calibrator is specified.

Calibration is started by OK. Cancel closes the window and aborts the measurement.

The table underneath lists the sensor numbers, the corresponding sensitivities and the calibration status: red means "not calibrated", green indicates a successful calibration. In the following example calibration has been performed on two channels. On channel 1 a voltage of 7.4mV has been measured, channel 2 has been discarded due to low SNR and high distortion in the measurement. A successful calibration is automatically transferred to the Frontend setup.

The level meter at the bottom right gives information about the recording level during the last measurement. Depending on the hardware at least -30dB should be reached here when calibrating.