Four Audio DBS1

DBS1 is a two-channel microphone preamp with two line outputs, which is based on the Audinate Ultimo Chip. WinMF takes charge of the complete management and the control of preamp gains as well as the switchable phantom power, allowing comfortable measuring with a high degree of immunity against operating errors. The DBS1 is either connected to an existing Ethernet or, in stand-alone operation, directly to a network adapter in the computer. In WinMF the DBS1 is to be selected as frontend. Under Frontend In device and Out device the device name of the DBS1 needs to be entered for every channel that shall be controlled by WinMF. An initialisation of the DBS1 is then carried out, during which the channel configurations set in WinMF, comprising gain, phantom power, low cut, etc., are being transmitted to the device specified. In the end the front panel controls of the DBS1 are locked, so that pushing the buttons on the device has no effect on the settings. The front panel is only unlocked when the DBS1 is restarted. The initialisation is carried out once for each session or when new devices are connected to WinMF. Further configuring is required in the Dante controller and the DVS before measuring.

Note: the remote control of DBS1 via WinMF requires additional software (see install.txt after download Additionally, the following software has to be installed: microsoft vcredist_x86 von 2010