Supported hardware

Generally any device that is addressable via ASIO can be used with WinMF. Whether it is possible to perform phase locked measurements with a particular hardware depends on the quality of the drivers and the related hardware. The following list contains the devices tested with WinMF.

Frontends featuring remote control by WinMF

Four Audio Robo2 measuring rack and Robo1 with Miro+RME Multiface (up to 96kHz)

Four Audio Robo3 (up to 96kHz)

Four Audio DBS1 (up to 48kHz)

Four Audio Robo2+MultifaceII

Four Audio Robo2+Fireface UC, UCX (CH3,4)

Four Audio Robo2+Fireface UC, UCX (CH5,6)

Four Audio Robo2+Fireface UCX2 (CH5,6)

Other Frontends tested with WinMF

RME Multiface I+II (bis 96kHz)

RME Fireface UC (bis 192kHz)

RME Fireface UCX (bis 192kHz)

RME Fireface UCX+ (bis 192kHz)

RME Fireface UCX2 (bis 192kHz)

RME Babyface (bis 192kHz)

RME Babyface ProFS (bis 192kHz)

Four Audio DBO (bis 192kHz)

Four Audio Dante HD2 (bis 192kHz)

Avid MBox

Audinate interfaces

Dante Virtual Soundcard (Software Soundcard with maximum 64 channels)

Dante PCIe Soundcard (PCIe Soundcard with maximum 128 channels)