Multisine generator

The Multisine generator creates multisine signals, which can be used for instance to measure intermodulation distortion. The frequencies of the sine signals are distributed in such a way, that the harmonics of one frequency value, as far as possible, do not coincide with another frequency value.

Length defines the signal length.

Multisine generation

Upper limit and Lower limit confine the range, in which the frequencies of the sine signals are located.

Weighting multiplies the multisine signal by one of the common weighting functions, of which white means same amplitude for all sine components and file allows the weighting with an arbitrary spectrum available.

By Filename that spectrum can be selected.

Anchor freq. is the fixed frequency, starting from which the other frequency values are calculated.

Bandw. defines the distance between the single frequencies in fractions of octaves.

Max. harmonic describes the order, up to which coincidence of sine signals and harmonics is avoided.

Show multisine infos shows further information about the individual frequency values.

The plot shows a multisine signal with a length of FFT 16 and 1/6 octave distance between the lines in a frequency range of 20Hz - 20kHz.