USB Dongle Full Licence

For licensing WinMF a hardware USB dongle is used. It is possible to install WinMF on several computers. Replacing hard disks, other hardware components or the whole computer is not a problem as it is with system bound licence keys. The version of the main release is stored on the dongle. All updates having lower licence numbers can be used with that dongle. E.g. a dongle for main release 1.xx has been purchased; all releases of numbers lower than 2.00 are executable with this dongle.

USB Dongle without Measuring Functionalities

Owners of a full licence can purchase an additional USB dongle without measuring functionalities at a lower price, in order to have workstations for evaluation and analysis available in addition to the measuring stations.

USB Dongle Evaluation Licence

For evaluation purposes a trial dongle can be provided temporarily. After a limited number of program runs the dongle stops working. After purchasing a full licence the evaluation dongle can be upgraded to a full version dongle. Functionality of WinMF itself is not restricted in trial versions.

Update Policy

Major updates to the next main release version are envisaged in intervals of 3 years. All updates usable with a dongle can be downloaded free of charge.


For customers already owning one or several Monkey Forest licences a price deduction applies to the respective number of WinMF licences.

Universities and educational institutions can purchase WinMF for educational purposes at a reduced price. For laboratory application standard prices are valid.