System requirements

PC or notebook

  • CPU: min. 2GHz
  • RAM: min. 2GB
  • Harddisk: min. 1GB free space
  • Grafic: 32bit 1280x1024 or higher
  • 1xUSB to connect the USB dongle
  • Operating system: XP64, Win7 64bit, Windows 8, Win10, Win11

Interfaces to connect measurement hardware

Four Audio Robo1 with MiRo, Robo2, Robo3, RME Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface,

  • 1x PCIexpress to connect RME-HDSPe Karte to desktop PC
    or 1x express card 34mm for notebooks, respectively PCMCIA

Four Audio DBO, DBS1, HD2 Dante

  • Audinate DVS (64 channels max) or Audinate PCIe card (128 channels max, only desktop PC)

  • 1 free ethernet port if Audinate DVS is used as soundcard

RME Fireface UFX, UC, UCX, Babyface

  • 1 free Firewire, resepectively USB port, see manufacturer's homepage RME